dub deuce!

welp yesterday [09.08.09] ii turned 22 yrs young :-]

& although, ii initially looked forward to this day, ii began to dread it, and cancelled all my plans to celebrate it as life's issues kept bothering me. however, on the day, all the excitement returned as ii received so much love from all of my friends and fam...iim truly blessed with wonderful pple in my lyfe

it was a rilly chill day & nite, but it was just what ii needed... woke up to my babe. spent the daytyme collecting gifts & helping ma mere. dinner with my big sis & bro-n-law. my gyrls surprised me with balloons, patron :-D, and cupcakes. then babe took me out for drynks & ii fell asleep in [his] arms. so yep all around great day with those ii [heart] thee most. THANX LOVES!!

beaucoup d'amour...


Anonymous said...
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Kiwi™ said...

Sounds cute! Happy belated duece duece birthday!!!


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